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1 Week Old

Hawkins was one week old today, and boy did he have day on the town to celebrate.  He me his first Parisian in a coco cafe in Park Slope.  Had his first doctors appointment and first play date.  The encounter with Sebastian Arsala, a rowdy type from midtown Manhattan, is story that will be told one cold winter day.

After deciding against a life of caffeine, Hawkins made it to New York Methodist and Premier Pediatrics.  This would be his first real doctor appointment, as the first day post hospital was really simply a weigh in and check to make sure Mom and Dad didn’t feed you to the dogs.

This was the fabled Newborn Check-up.

Simply put, Hawkins entire life would be decided by the first judgement of Doctor Weingartnermenbaum.  Harvard, Yale, Rhodes… it would all come down to the first judgement.  After a thorough check-up of eyes, ears, nose, heart, but, penis, chord stump, you name it, the verdict would be written in the book of the fates.

He was perfect.

Here are some photos to prove it.

Baby afflicted with Beauty Super Nova

Baby afflicted with Beauty Super Nova

I will be King of the Jelly!!!

I will be King of the Jelly!!!

Wow, They're both mine????

Wow, They're both mine????

Sexy Dad

Plotting Donut Tycoon

Plotting Donut Tycoon

Sexy Dad

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