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May 20th

So officially I am due tomorrow.   Unofficially I pee’d on my first ladyfriend today.

Can’t believe I have been here 3 weeks already and haven’t been to epcot center yet.  Seriously though, tomorrow May 21sy was my original due date.  I think I will just be early to everything just like my daddy.  But hopefully I’ll keep my hair longer :>  I am pretty excited that I am here despite me getting fussier by the day…So everyone say a small little prayer for me on my official due date.

Anyway, so i went to my mommy and me baby class, where my mommy meets other young new mothers…  anyway, i joined the May baby class cause there were more chicks in the class.  A good P/V ratio.

I was getting my nappy changed during class next to this sweet young huggie wearin hotty and the cold air breezed in and there was nothign i could do…  I just pee’d…  It arc’d up flew through the air and just nailed her.  Ohh and the class said i was the poopiest kid in the class.

no new pics yet, but i promise to hide daddy’s scotch until he takes and uploads some more.

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